Luxco Energy knows the power of the sun and we are committed to making sustainable energy a significant part of Australia’s and the world’s energy future. We continue to strive for solar energy solutions which deliver financial savings for our valued customer base, whilst helping protect the environment too..

Luxco Energy Solar is Australian based Solar Panel Company. Luxco Energy Solar started with 4 employees and a 100 m2 warehouse, a modest operation focused on high quality products and market-leading customer service.

After six years in the Solar industry and with a highly skilled team of full time employees and contractors and offices in most capital cities in Australia, Luxco Energy Solar has grown to be a driving force for solar power in Australia..

Our core focus is to supply the most advanced solar PV systems and products to the Australian retail, residential and commercial markets. To achieve this, Luxco Energy Solar offers the most comprehensive sales knowledge and technical support which allows us to:

  • assist you in selecting the right solar system;
  • maintaining your solar system and
  • maximising your solar investment.

Our ongoing aim is to make solar power for homes, communities, businesses, and schools, a viable and affordable option for hundreds of thousands of people across Australia. Luxco Energy Solar maintains strong relationships with our many suppliers, which is reflected in our ability to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. We want to help you help the planet, while also helping you to save or even make money at the same time.

Take a step in the right direction- Get the best advice. Join over countless happy customers Australia wide and install a solar system with Luxco Energy Solar.


  • We believe in making energy independence possible.
  • That means that we take the time to listen to you, understanding your needs and providing you the optimum solution
  • We help to use the natural resources in appropriate way.
  • That means making sure you’re getting the best returns on your investment.
  • That means serving an entire nation – not just for now, but for the future